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High Tech and Know-How

Quality, durability and reliability are important requirements for the heat treatment of tools. ALTE GmbH fulfils these demanding requirements and offers a wide range of heat treatment methods. The tools gain the hardness they require for a long and reliable service life.

Heat Treatment Methods

• Vacuum heat treatment of high-alloy cold work steel and hot work steel
• Solution annealing of corrosion and acid resistant steel in a vacuum furnace
• Tempering and stress relieving under inert gas
• Soft annealing under inert gas
• Gas nitriding
• Gas nitrocarburising
• Bath nitriding, Tenifer and SurSulf
• Salt bath tempering of high-alloy cold work steel and hot work steel
• Salt bath tempering of HSS steel • Salt bath tempering of alloyed and unalloyed steel
• Salt bath carburising and case hardening of mass-produced parts
• Oxidising and case hardening of parts from salt baths

Range of Parts / Materials:

• Dies and die inserts made of high-alloyed hot work-steel
• Punching / cutting dies and erosion blanks made of HSS steel - conventionally or powder-metallurgically produced
• Special alloys for cold work steel and hot work steel
• Punching / cutting die components made of high-alloy and unalloyed steel
• Cold forming tools
• Hot forming tools

Range of Furnaces

• Vacuum chamber furnaces
• Vacuum tempering furnaces
• Evacuable chamber nitriding furnaces
• Pot-annealing furnaces
• Salt bath furnaces